Kayak Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Kayak Fly Fishing is fun and exciting. Logan Totten can assist you with fly fishing techniques from a kayak and help you sight fish targeted species such as…Redfish, Trout, Snook, and Juvenile tarpon. Enjoy a day on the water in the Back Country of Boca Grande and Parts of Charlotte Harbor.  In most cases the paddling is short to most of Logan’s secret spots.  What makes fishing from a kayak so great you ask?  Kayak Fishing allows you to get to places that you would not normally be able to access from a larger boat. For list of local kayak ramps follow the link to this page

Snook on fly From the Native Versa Board

kayak fly fishing snook

Spotted Sea Trout on fly from the Native Kayak

kayak fly fishing trout

Juvenile Tarpon on fly from the Native Watercraft Slayer Kayak

kayak fly fishing tarpon

Kayak Fly Fishing Boca Grande Charlotte Harbor

kayak fly fishing standing up stable

Fly Rods For Fly Fishing